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After Helena's divulgence of her suspicions about Artie's actions, she, Mrs. Old people naked videos. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: One main reason was his ability to know if people were telling the truth. I feel like I'm being made fun of.

Often it's rightly socause it sends many messages rubbing us the wrong way Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy that it ended showing Claudia as the caretaker, but she should have been Claudia, not a young looking white Mrs.

Archived from the original on 1 January River probably enjoys it. Romantic relationships have never been the focus for any character, straight or gay. Warehouse 13 lesbian. In my opinion a complete shame, these last chapters of the series.

Trying to get suggestions on books to try out in that genre. Archived from the original on 19 July The episode was filled with references to so many things, Arties Son smelling fudge just before the club appeared, Arties Apple one of the most emotionally powerful scenes in all of Warehouse 13 the warehouse didn't just let him smell apples, it "hit" him with a gust and gave him one, The "return" of Leena to reveal she knew the day she first came to the warehouse that she would die there, a bit of HG action.

Unfortunately this is what we get when the networks give the creators only six episodes to finish up a series instead of a complete final season When asked by a fan about the subtext between Myka and Helena, she said:. I am not happy that WH13 is over. Did they end up pursuing it, or did Pete and Myka feel that they needed to be partners independent of their feelings? This is believed by many to be a reference to the death of Helena.

She pauses at the top, on the landing, and points left and right. A script is being written and SyFy has expressed interest. Big tits tight vagina. We had a whole list of musicians that we really wanted, but Cherie was my favorite that was available. Following Myka's departure from the Warehouse, her consciousness was transported in holographic form to the Bering and Sons book shop by Mrs. They head back to good ol' Warehouse 13 to We are so lucky to have her. The producers of WH13 are more respectful but for me the issues is that that attitude hasn't translated into anything more solid gay-wise on screen.

There were callbacks to the highest—and lowest—points in the Warehouse's history. Wells from Warehouse 13 are one of only four couples to ever do that to me, and the love I have for them never fades or wavers. How did they die? At least with Xena and Gabrielle - even in the 's - that cast and crew openly admitted to the behind the scenes belief they were lovers.

A lot of fans got onboard because the HG stuff caught their eye, and because of that it seems to me like they're demanding the show live up to a promise it never made.

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Myka and HG have an unpleasant reunion that swiftly turns to a bit of the ole lesbian subtext. Naked women with stockings. If it pays off then fabulous! Wells and her mentor discuss one of Warehouse 12's most important artifacts.

As promised, the raven haired author had shown up promptly at 8: Archived from the original on 15 August We're not saying we know it's going to be H. Are you following us on Facebook? Are there any of them that just stopped you dead when they walked on set? The scent of pastry and sugar floats out of the kitchen and Myka can see H. Because that was very un-Claudia. Contents [ show ]. Since you brought it up, Warehouse 13 gets the best guest stars for a nerd.

I don't think they could do that with W13 and still have them hunting for artifacts as well as they do You said this times better than I tried to - thank you! I got tired of all the angsting about the stupid wolf guy. Sure, I can get Myka back, no problem. Your addition to the cast surprised me, because from the first episode it felt like Pete and Myka were almost going to do the Dave and Maddie thing from Moonlightingand you came in and changed everything.

What was the point of having hg back? You can also find her on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Tumblr. It would be wonderful if they all booed Jack Kenny when he was announced. Xlxx nude sexy. Just looking at some gifs of Myka earlier in the series.

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What if a single wish in the Warehouse could change the course of history? I used to enjoy non-HG and non-main arc episodes, and they used to be well-written and well-paced.

It seemed that lesbiphobe Jack Kenny was more than willing to character assassinate Myka to make Pyka happen than have a natural organic Myka and HG pairing in the finale. Warehouse 13 lesbian. When asked by a fan about the subtext between Myka and Helena, she said:. Though Christina is Helena's daughter, the identity of her father is never mentioned or referenced, leaving unanswered questions on the nature of the relationship Helena might have had with him, or if such a lack of information indicates Christina might have a biological parent or parents other than Helena and the unmentioned father.

That might be the best argument for renewing the show, beyond the show continuing of course, is just to give you the chance to try and pull that off with Artie. The fact that she saved both Myka's and Claudia's lives caused Myka to begin to question her distrust of Wells. Shortly after, Rebecca St.

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But I'm not also trying to grasp on things that are not there for now. It was the third time she had caught HG doing that. Sexy naked studs. As well, he argued his lack of choice further by telling Mrs.

And she brought her son, who is a really talented guitarist in his own right with his band Maudlin Strangers. Warehouse 13 — Should H. Warehouse 13 lesbian. Naked freaky women Well after watching the last episode I was in a mood so I watched the pilot. Then go to fanfics from then on lol. Frederic and was projected through an unnamed sphere in an attempt to convince Myka to return to the Warehouse. This page was last modified on 19 Juneat It was more or less just a slap in the face and never should of been made. This is about two women who actually care about each other.

At the very least, we're simply left to assume that everyone stayed with the warehouse until their demise, which was a rather poignant question to not-answer. What a terrible way to send off this show! I mean how ofter is HG on the show, she's not even a regular and when Mika ends up with pete I'll post.


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